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Nordic Walking

A few years ago the Nordic-Walking-Balance-Park-Fladungen opened. A route about 9 km (5.6 miles) takes you from the Sennhütte to Faldungen.

Nordic Walking is a sport which is easy and quick to learn. The big Advantages: The Musculoskeletal System will be about 30% less strained, so that Nordic Walking is also suitable for people with knee- and back problems. With the usage of the upper body the arm- and shoulder muscles will be trained. 90 percent of the muscels in your body will be trained, assuming the technic s right.

Which you can learn at a Try-Out Training. You’ll start with a warm-up, then you will take your first experience with the Nordic-Walking-Sticks and the basics of the motion sequences.  Then you will start your first short route! The training ends with streching exercises. The Nordic-Walking-Stick – No hicking- or ski sticks – are fitted exactly to your body height and are provided for the course of the training. (2x 1,5 hours, costs 40,- €/3,- € for the pair of the sticks )

You can also book our NORDIC WALKING- Arrangement for 4 People and more!
You will get:
- 2 Nights with Power-Breakfast and Athletes Dinner-Menu
- Fruit platter, Bionade and Nordic Walking Guide to welcome you to your room
- 2 x 1,5 hours of professional Nordic-Walking training with Nordic-Walking sticks inclusive
Rate: 134 € per Person, 10 € Single Room supplementary charge per night.
Extended stay 55 € per night with Dinner Menu and Nordic-Walking-Tour inclusive!

Download the complete Nordic-Walking guide as a PDF here.

You will need the free Adobe Reader in order to download and open the PDF.

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